Used Powerboats

Modern and Attractive Used Powerboats at the Lowest Prices

Buying a used powerboat is a cost effective way to enjoy owning a nice, good looking and modern boat, but without spending heavily. Look into Yacht Authority’s listings of used powerboats to in one that you feel is optimal for your needs.

Our friendly staffs are available to help you in every way. Before buying you have to check on points such as engine condition, condition of wiring, signs of damage, cracks in the fiberglass, test oil and much more. We will do all this for you and more. You might be looking for a powerboat with lots of space on the above and below decks and which offers a high performance. Our staff will help zero-in on the boat of your dreams, giving you a listing of used powerboats for sale that match with your specifications. Our customer service is unlike anywhere else and over the years we have sold used powerboats to thousands of customers who have enjoyed a satisfactory deal.

Yacht Authority has been in the business of buying and selling used powerboats for many years. They have extensive knowledge and experience in this industry. Come to us to buy a used boat with the kind of features you love and enjoy a fabulous experience in the waters. We have used boats that are simple, elegant, sporty, designer and much more. The trendiest boats in the market can be found in our listings, giving you an extensive range of choice on what to buy like nowhere else.